This is a topic up for debate but I have seen, experienced and researched the benefits of cutting dairy first hand. It may be hard to cut all together but decreasing little by little will help you in the long run! Below I’m going to give you the scoop on what cutting dairy from your diet can do for you so keep on reading friends!

1. Your skin will clear up

If you’ve had trouble with acne or bad skin, dairy may just be the cause! Why? because milk is said to contain testosterone-like hormones which may stimulate oil glands in the skin and contribute to breakouts! Who wants that?! So if you suffer from acne, its worth trying to eliminate dairy and see the results for yourself!

2. You will shed pounds

Dairy is known to cause bloating in almost everyone. I’ve experienced this myself and after cutting dairy I noticed significantly less bloating, as well as being able to shed a few extra pounds. How? Not only less bloating, but by cutting dairy your also cutting out foods that you may regularly munch on or add on to your meals. Things such as cheese, ice-cream, sugary yogurts (that claim to be healthy) among a huge list of other things!

3. You’ll have increased energy

The first two points basically lead into number 3. Naturally, by all the other health benefits you will receive through cutting dairy, you will end up with more energy! All these health benefits will make you feel better, live better and exercise better! I’m pretty sure that’s a win win situation!

Disease prevention is also a benefit of cutting dairy and definitely a topic to research further but I will end this blog post here because I ain’t no doctor! Thanks for reading!

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