Sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow for you to make it to the gym everyday, so these 4 pieces of equipment would be great to have at home for your use in those times you just can’t make it out of the house!

1. Pair of Light/Medium Dumbbells

You can workout just about any body part with just a pair of dumbbells. You want to make sure that they are heavy enough that you are actually making your muscles work. If you don’t have dumbbells you can even use objects from your home as weights! 5-10lbs should be the minimum.

2. Resistance Bands

Bands are another piece of equipment that is very versatile. Bands allows for your muscles to be under tension without the need of weights or dumbbells. My favourite way to use bands would be for glute exercises where the band is placed on your thighs and for upper body arm workouts!

3. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are great for core work. My favourite way to use an exercise ball would be for crunches and russian twists. Exercise balls really improve your balance and work well to improve core strength because balancing in any exercise requires core activation!

4. Yourself!

Lastly, if you have none of the above all you really need is yourself! There are plenty of ways to exercise without any equipment. Body weight exercises are very beneficial and should be part of your workout routine in any case. My favourite body weight exercises would be lunges and pushups! Also, many ab exercises require no equipment at all, so you can definitly get in a great ab workout!

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Hope you have a wonderful day fit friends!

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