Though these foods alone will not make you lose belly fat, incorporating these 5 foods into your diet will help you get to your goal sooner!

#1- Oatmeal

One of the main ways oatmeal helps you in burning fat is all the soluble fiber that it contains. Oatmeal also has a higher protein content then most other carbohydrate sources, along

with almost no fat at all. All these pros make oatmeal a great choice for breakfast! Just be careful your not buying the type of oatmeal that come prepackaged with flavours because those are the ones that tend to carry a lot of sugar in them which defeats the whole purpose of oatmeal being healthy. Instead add your own flavouring or fruit of choice!

#2- Berries

Who doesn’t love fruit! You’ll be glad to know that berries can actually help with burning fats because of all the nutrients they contain. Berries make for a better choice over other fruits because they are quite a bit lower in sugar then most other fruits. Try to mix berries into your protein shakes for a sweet snack!

#3- Nuts

Nuts are great to incorporate into your diet because of their high protein content and high fats. The fats you get from eating nuts and seeds are the type of fats you want in your diet. Though you should not give yourself the freedom of having as much as you want. Limit yourself and check for serving sizes before digging in!

#4- Eggs

This is sure to be no surprise. Eggs are loaded full of high protein, vitamins, minerals along with being a very low calorie option. Eggs are an inexpensive source of quality protein which makes them a great option for breakfast or lunch! Though the yolk of an egg contains great fats, you want to limit the amount of yolks you consume a day because the fats can really add up!

#5- Salmon

Seeing a trend? Salmon is also a great high protein source! Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids making it a great source of good fats. Though with the higher fat content, you want to limit the amount of times you have salmon per week. White fish would be the leaner option but incorporating salmon on higher fat days will definitely help in your journey!

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