You may have heard the term super-foods before but do you know what these foods actually are and why we call them super-foods? Are they really that super? YES! They certainly are! Super-foods get their name from the simple fact that these foods have the ability to drastically change our health and well-being if we make use of them daily!

Ever since I started to get more into nutrition I realized that there are several ways we can actually heal our bodies from physical sickness, emotional sickness and change our mental state from negative to positive with foods! What we eat in any given day has such a huge impact on how well our days go and how we feel about ourselves throughout the day. When we eat the right foods and feel great, we find ourselves having a great day with lots of positivity, whereas when we start off the day with the wrong foods that don’t make us feel our best, we may find that our day is filled with negative experiences and we can also find ourselves body shaming ourselves because we don’t feel our best!

So whats the solution? Eating the right foods! I’m going to share with you today 5 Super-foods that you can add into your diet today and what makes each of them so great!


  • Cacao is an amazing super-food and it could be used in many ways! (Note: cacao is different then cocoa) Cacao is like natures hot chocolate powder filled with antioxidants & other such nutrients! In fact is it so antioxidant rich that cacao is THE MOST nutritionally complex food on the planet (complex in a good way)! If your looking for a coffee replacement, many people use cacao as a replacement because of its quick mood elevating & depression decreasing benefits! Cacao also contains coumarin, which can help with weight loss among other things.


  • Salmon has amazing benefits all the way around because of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids it contains within it! Having salmon twice a week can prove to be very beneficial in your overall health and well being. It is an awesome food filled with high quality protein, vitamins and minerals galore! So why are Omega-3 Fatty Acids so great for us? Well they help us with our cardiovascular health and prevent heart related diseases! Isn’t that pretty important? I would hope so ! How can this food help you lose weight? Well considering that salmon is very high in protein, it will help you put on some lean muscle therefore making your weight loss efforts a lot easier! Of course you have to look at the rest of your diet for the day as well, but salmon can be a great addition, twice a week!


  • Yes! Who doesn’t love these things? Blueberries are also packed to the rim with antioxidants and many other vitamins and minerals. Another key feature of blueberries is their rich fiber content, making it a great food for digestion and gut health! Anytime you are trying to better your health, lose weight, or gain muscle you are going to benefit from increasing your fiber intake greatly everyday! Blueberries can definitely do that for you. I’ve even come across information that claims some nutritionists believe that if you make only one change to your diet, it should be to add blueberries. Wow, they must be pretty great eh? Worth a try!


  • Cinnamon is so versatile and one of the healthiest spices on the planet! With benefits to the heart, blood sugar levels, skin clearing cinnamon really does it all. I love to use cinnamon particularly in the fall and winter months because it has a great ability to prevent flu and colds while adding a great taste to your favorite hot beverages and winter (gluten free) baking! You can also add cinnamon to your drinks or food when you are missing a sweet factor. For example, I add cinnamon to my oatmeal rather then adding sugar and I find that I no longer crave the sugar in my oatmeal when I add in cinnamon instead! Try this out for yourself!

5.Hemp Seeds

  • Hemp seeds contain so many GOOD FATS! Yes, the types of fats that we actually need to maintain great health and those that actually help us with weight loss/maintenance. Hemp seeds can help with weight loss and digestion because of their high fiber content when consumed with the shell on, high protein content (15g in 4 tablespoons) and its omega-3 fatty acid content! All these working together will lead to some pretty amazing benefits to your health. My favorite way to use hemp seeds is in my salads, I use them to top off my salads adding in a crunch factor while increasing the protein content of my salad. Hemp seeds also work great on top of your oatmeal or mixed into your smoothies or shakes!

Add in these foods to your diet and see what difference they make on your health! I promise you, you will be happy you did! Comment below with your thoughts and let me know your experience with these super-foods.

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Stay happy, healthy & fit!


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