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Making your oatmeal taste delicious isn’t just a possibility, its a necessity. I once believed oatmeal was a bland food that could never be turned into something that actually tastes half decent, but turns out I was wrong. Oatmeals actually turned out to be one of my favourite foods for breakfast (and sometimes even dinner)! Theres so many ways you can transform your oatmeal game and actually get excited about it every morning and today I’m sharing how you can make this super nutritious food into something delicious that you’ll actually love!

1. Cook With Milk Instead of Water

This one itself is a game changer. Have you ever cooked up some oatmeal and it comes out tasting like oatmeal flavoured water? Well this tip will change that! When you cook your oatmeal with milk instead of water, it comes out creamier, richer and with way more flavour! My favourite type of milk to use is almond milk but any milk works well! Almond milk doesn’t just taste good, it also packs in a lot of vitamins and minerals we need daily like calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D!

2. Add Spices and Fruit

Spices not only give so much extra flavour but they also make your oatmeal so much more nutritious then it already is! Leaving your body feeling even more energized and nourished. Every different spice has different benefits. One of my favourite and must add spices to oatmeal is cinnamon! Cinnamon makes your oatmeal naturally sweeter and it also magically helps your body lower its own blood sugar levels! When it comes to fruits, berries are my go-to. They leave you feeling nourished, add the perfect amount of sweetness and are packed full with antioxidants (antioxidants are a substance that protect our cells from free radicals in our body which may lead to disease). I love a combination of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries!

3. Add Nut Butter & Seeds

The last thing you definitely don’t want to miss out on is adding a nut butter or some sort of seeds! This is going to complete your oatmeal because the nuts and seeds will add that additional healthy fat that your body needs to feel full, nourished and energized! This is a common step a lot of people forget about. We’ve been taught to believe that fat is bad and we should always aim for low fat foods, but healthy fats are not only incredibly delicious but they’re also super important for our bodies overall health and energy levels daily! Healthy fats protect our organs and literally keep our bodies warm among many other things. Some of my favourite seeds to add are hemp seeds and chia seeds. Some of my favourite nut butters to add are all natural peanut butter or almond butter. Most recently, I made my own version of healthy Nutella and I’ve been using it in my oatmeal and its beyond delicious! I found it here on the Pick Up Limes website!

There it is! These 3 simple things will totally transform the way you see oatmeal and now you have a quick and easy go to delicious breakfast that’s going to energize you daily!

Ever been in that situation where you decide your going to eat healthy and you get to the kitchen and your just paralyzed with all the lack of options (or too many options) that you don’t know what to do, so you just get frustrated and decide to have tacos from your favourite taco place instead? Yeah, your not alone! Sometimes the struggle is REAL! But eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Next time you find yourself in this situation, use these 3 easy strategies to help you make healthy eating simple!

Re-create Your Favourite Foods With Healthier Alternatives

We all have foods that we just don’t want to give up and a lot of times, we dread eating healthy because we think that it means we have to eat boring foods all day that taste like grass. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do not have to give up your favourite foods! In fact, you can keep them all. There are countless ways that you can have your favourite foods just by replacing a few key ingredients with healthier alternatives. Heres a few examples of key ingredients you may use in your favourite recipes that can be replaced with healthier alternatives. White flour can be replaced with almond flour. White sugar can be replaced with coconut sugar. Butter can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Milk chocolate can be replaced with dark chocolate. Ice cream can be replaced with frozen yogurt.

At first, this may seem difficult. But you will soon realize how incredibly easy it is to find replacements for your favourite foods that feel good for both your body and your mind! When you start making new healthier choices, your taste buds begin to change. It becomes easier for you to make healthier choices the second you start. Each time you choose a healthier alternative, your body and mind begin to transform and each decision after that becomes easier! So start today. Think of one of your favourite foods and see which ingredients you can replace to re-create it in a healthier way & enjoy!

healthy eating

Repeat Your Favourite Meals Throughout The Week

When it comes to healthy eating, we don’t need to get too fancy and re-invent the wheel with every meal. We can simply find a few staple meals that we really enjoy and repeat those meals throughout the week for those times when we just can’t think of anything else! Repeating your favourite meals is great because it creates a routine and eliminates the process of having to find something new to make! Repeating meals makes it a lot easier for us to make the decision to eat healthy. Why? Because our brains get tired of making decisions all day. We are constantly in decision making mode from the second we wake up to the second we go to bed. What clothes should I wear today? What time should I get out of bed? What should I eat for breakfast? Where should I go for lunch? Too many decisions exhaust us mentally and knowing what you’ll have for your next meal (as small as it may seem) can be comforting and save us a lot of unnecessary decision making throughout the day! This leaves us feeling more energized and empowered.

So think about it now. What are 2-3 meals that you absolutely love, that are both healthy and delicious? Use those 2-3 meals as staples throughout your week. You don’t need to have them everyday, but use them on those days where you just don’t want to think of something new and you just want an easy healthy meal fast!

make healthy eating simple

Make Cooking More Fun And Enjoyable

This one will change the way you eat, forever. If we associate cooking with fun in our minds, we’ll find ourselves excited about it everyday! When you make the process of cooking up a healthy meal fun and enjoyable you’ll start to get excited about finding new recipes to try, new foods to taste and new foods to experiment with! This completely eliminates the stress and pressure we often feel about healthy eating. Why? Because we no longer feel like we are being pushed or forced to eat healthy just for the sake of saying we ate healthy. Instead, eating healthy is something we look forward to because we know that its actually fun and enjoyable to do it!

There’s so many ways you can make cooking more fun and enjoyable and here’s just a few things you can try. (1) Turn up the music. When your cooking try playing your favourite music and make it a party! Playing our favourite music while cooking is such an awesome way to get ourselves actually excited to get in the kitchen! (2) Change your mindset around cooking. Sometimes just the thought of cooking can be a turn off and make us feel like its just another thing we have to do, but if we change the way we look at cooking and see it as a time for us to have fun and enjoy ourselves then we can begin to actually love it and even look forward to it daily! (3) Get creative and be imperfect. Sometimes we can stop ourselves before even starting. We create labels for ourselves saying “I’m just not a good cook” or “I could never make that”. When cooking, don’t be afraid to be a beginner and try new things! It’s not supposed to be perfect so just let it be!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Remember, change isn’t always easy but its always possible! If you decide today, you can create a whole new way of living, eating, moving and being and its all possible for you! You can make the decision today to feel good in your body, to transform your habits and create a new way of living.

Now I want to hear from you, leave a comment below or send me a message telling me what changes you would like to make starting today!

We’ve all got a little extra time on our hands these days and we can use this time to create massive change in our lives. It’s important now more than ever that we learn how to truly care for our mind, body and spirit so we can keep ourselves healthy and strong! It can be beyond easy to fall into the trap of sitting in front of a screen all day, wether your scrolling instagram or watching the news filling your mind with world events and left wondering why you feel drained of energy! But if you’re looking to use this time to grow, heres 5 things you can start doing today that will help you transform your life for the better starting right now.

1. Cook a Healthy Meal

Cooking a healthy meal can do more for you than just nourishing your body and making you feel like your doing something good. It can completely transform your mood! Did you know that cooking is basically therapy? It gets your creative juices flowing and allows you to connect with yourself and others in a deeper way. It feels good to cook something up that the whole family can enjoy and while you’re doing it, you can turn up your favourite music and jam out in the kitchen! I promise it’ll change your day! So what’s a recipe that you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t got around to it? Now is the time to test it out!

2. Meditate and Get Quiet

We’re not used to the quiet. We live such busy lives that when we get quiet, it can get uncomfortable. But now more than ever is a great time to turn inward and start to ask yourself the bigger questions. Is there anything in your life that you’ve been meaning to do but have put off for years? How can you use this time to grow as a human? If your looking for mental clarity, stress relief and relaxation.. look no further then meditation! If your just starting out with meditation try doing just 5 minutes of it, now!

3. Read a New Book

Reading not only grows our minds and opens up our lives, but it also helps us sleep better, reduces stress and helps you gain new insights you would have never thought of before! If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn about, now is the time to pick up that book and start diving into new knowledge, insights and wisdom. Reading a book is like diving into someone else’s world and getting access to their own insights and wisdom that can change your entire life forever! Three books I would highly recommend are: The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo and The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. These books will transform the way you see life, immediately!

4. Start That Thing You Never Had Time For

You know that thing you told yourself you’ve always wanted to do? Well now’s the time to do it! Whether its picking back up on an old hobby like dancing or painting or trying something completely new, just start. Do something now that’s going to bring you joy! Realize how much of a blessing it is to now have the time to do the things that you truly love!

5. Get Outside And Start Walking

There has never been a better time to start getting active outside of gym doors. Since gyms are all closed, were left with the beautiful option of taking our workouts outside! For one week, set a time daily that you will take a walk and see how it transforms your mindset, your life, and your health. As if that doesn’t sound good enough here’s a few more benefits of walking outside in nature that are worth mentioning: it improves your immunity and memory, it teaches our brains how to relax and get present, and it pretty much makes us way happier humans!


So now I want to hear from you! Which of these 5 things will you try today? Which one of these brings you the most joy? Let me know in the comments below!

We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day and around 3,000 thoughts per hour. It’s safe to say that we be thinking a lot! It’s important then that we pay attention to what our thoughts are. Are our thoughts empowering us to become the person we want to be? Are our thoughts supporting the future vision we have for our life? Or are our thoughts holding us back from achieving what we want and holding us back from taking the actions we want to take?

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in unhealthy thought patterns you’re not alone! Its human nature to get caught up in self-doubt from time to time but these 4 tips will help you quickly turn your negative thoughts to positive ones so you can create the changes and transformation you truly want in your life!

Lets get into it.

1. Start To Notice Your Thoughts

The firs step to transforming our thoughts from negative to positive is becoming aware of our thoughts in the first place! Most of us spend our days allowing any thoughts to come into our mind without deciding if you want the thought there or not. But when we start to actually notice our thoughts and begin to notice when we are thinking positive thoughts and when we are thinking negative thoughts we can start to take control of them! It’s like any other area of our life, when we want to change something we must first notice and become aware of what it is that we want to change! So start here, by noticing when these negative thoughts come, without judgement or without asking why they are there. Just become aware of them.

2. Interrupt The Thought

Once you’ve noticed your negative thought, you can now interrupt it. This is a really effective way to stop things from going further. We’ve all been in that situation where one negative thoughts comes up and we give it so much of our attention that we create 5000 new negative thoughts from just one negative thought alone. Before you know it, one month later you’re still stuck on the same thoughts. Don’t let this be you, instead interrupt the negative thought right when it comes! Notice the thought and give it the recognition that it wants but as soon as you’re done noticing it, interrupt it with something else. Get busy doing something that actually brings you joy or quickly start to think about something that makes you laugh! This is why children can never hold grudges for long, they may get upset and have a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store but as soon as you interrupt their thoughts with a new shiny object they completely forget that they were even angry!

3. Move Your Body

Our bodies are MADE to move! When we move our body we’re moving stuck emotions, thoughts and energy and making room for the new! Whenever you find yourself stuck in a certain way of thinking get up and move your body even if its just for 5 minutes. When we move, our brain releases chemicals called norepinephrine and dopamine AKA happy hormones! These things elevate our mood and give us energy like nothing else. So instead of sitting in one spot trying to think your way out of the thought, just get up and move!

4. Get Back To The Present

When we’re stuck in negative thinking we’re often not in the present moment. It’s usually because we are stuck in some past event or we are worried about something that hasn’t even happened yet in the future. So instead of being stuck in the past or worrying about the future get present right now. The best way to do that is to breath. Just get quiet and recall 3 things the your grateful for right now, when you list things your grateful for its pretty much impossible not to feel good!

The Happiness Of Your Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

There you have it! The next time you find your mind wandering into negative thoughts, use these tools to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones that actually empower you!

Do you want to make a one-time thing into a habit? Like instead of showing up to that yoga class once a year, you go 4 times a week? Or instead of waking up late everyday rushing out of bed, you wake up energized right on time everyday? Last week we talked about the power of habit change and how transforming your habits can change your life. Today, we’re going a step further to learn the 4 simple ways we can actually build new habits so we can create transformation in our life like never before. Lets get into it!

1: Create a Process Instead of a Goal

Goals are great but in order to create real transformation in any area of our lives we need to make sure that we not only set a goal but more importantly create a process that will help us actually get to that goal. When we set a goal we can spend a lifetime trying to achieve it if we don’t also set up a process and plan for ourselves to move forward towards it. A goal is just a goal but when we create a process behind that goal, it becomes your reality. Here’s an example. You can set a goal that you want to lose 50 pounds and tell yourself this goal everyday but unless you know what daily steps you are going to take to move towards that goal you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of chasing it. Lets try something now: Do you know what your bigger goal is? Great! Now think about what daily habits and behaviors would actually lead to you achieving that goal? Narrow down 1-2 habits that would help you get closer to your bigger goal everyday and your on your way to creating a process for transformation! An example of this if your trying to lose 50 lbs would be 1) Drink 10 glasses of water a day + 2) Move/Exercise for 20 minutes a day! Your process doesn’t have to be big and fancy. Instead start small and slowly add in more healthy habits once you feel you got the first 2 down! Creating a process guarantees progress!

2: Create A Bigger ‘Why’ For Yourself

Setting new goals is great, but we also need to get clear on WHY you want to reach that goal. Without a bigger why, consistent and long lasting change is near impossible but when we have a clear reason for doing what we are doing we begin to behave different and naturally adopt different habits. Having a bigger why is like adding emotion to your goals and to your new habits. Think of your bigger why as your reminder and tool for you to stick to your new healthy habits and lifestyle. Every time you feel yourself slowly slipping or falling off, use your bigger why as a reminder to bring you back into balance. Your bigger why is usually attached to something bigger than yourself. Maybe this is your family, your career, your life purpose etc. Here’s some examples. “I want to get healthier because I want to be able to run around and play soccer with my kids” or “I want to get more confident so I can finally get that dream job” whatever it may be, your bigger why allows you to take action towards your goals and stick to your new habits because now you have a bigger reason for doing it. Your bigger why is something you can look at everyday, its something that gets you excited to jump out of bed in the morning and get after your day!

3: Start to Tell Yourself A New Empowering Story

The stories we tell ourselves matter. Whether we know it or not, we tell ourselves stories everyday. Stories about who we are, what we are capable of, what our limits are and more. These stories become our beliefs and we begin to believe that they are the truth of who we are. Some of the stories we tell ourselves are empowering but a lot of them are dis-empowering. Here’s some examples of the types of stories we tell ourselves “I am just not a motivated person” or “It’s just too hard for me to lose weight because I love food too much” or “I would never be able to achieve that goal because I’m just not a committed person”. When we tell ourselves dis-empowering stories like this everyday, it becomes near impossible to make any changes because we constantly feel defeated by our thoughts and we limit ourselves before we even try! The good news is that they are just stories we have made up and told ourselves and the cool thing is, we can change them! At any point in our life we can decide that we are going to change our story and when we change the stories that we tell ourselves everyday we change our entire world. We stop holding ourselves back. We no longer tell ourselves that we cannot do it because we haven’t done it in the past, instead we remind ourselves how capable we truly are of creating a different future. So get clear right now about what stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you cannot achieve your goal. What stories may you need to let go of and replace with better more empowering ones?

4. Work With a Coach or Mentor

What’s one thing you know you could be doing right now that would make a huge positive difference in your life? I bet you can list at least 10 different things! We often know what we should be doing but without accountability we often don’t do it! This is why seeking a mentor or coach will help you get to where you want to be much quicker. Making change is hard and it’s even harder when you’re doing it all on your own. If you’re serious about transformation and creating new healthy habits, consider hiring someone who can take the guess work out and show you the way! A coach can help you get clear on your goals and create an action plan on how you can move forward towards them. A coach can also help you see what may be holding you back and keeping you stuck. Having someone support you, hold you accountable and cheer you on can make all the difference in your transformation! If your looking for a coach to help you transform your health book your free 15 min Transformation Session with me here! In the session we’ll uncover exactly whats holding you back from creating the transformation and change you want to create in your life & create a plan of action to completely transform your health and habits starting today!


So which of these 4 simple ways will you be trying out?

Your action step this week is to choose 1 of the 4 ways above and get started on your transformation today!

We think we are waking up everyday and choosing what we do, what we eat, how much we exercise and who we show up as. But what if we weren’t choosing at all? What if up to 95% of our daily life was created by our habits and routines alone? Believe it or not we are almost entirely made up of our habits and routines and our life and future is shaped by them. So it’s worth knowing.. how can taking control of our habits truly transform our life and create the life of our dreams?

Thats exactly what we are talking about today. Let’s get into it!

Before we get started on how our habits can transform our life and how we can change our habits, the first step is to know what habits actually are! When we think of habits, we often think of a few common things. Biting nails, smoking, eating too much junk food and more. But what we’re often not realizing is that habits are actually way more than that. So what are habits? Habits are the things that we do everyday without even knowing that what we are doing is a habit we’ve created by repeating behaviors daily. Habits are the way we wake up in the morning whether we have a peaceful morning routine or we rush out of bed after pressing snooze for the 18th time. Habits are the way we choose our lunch everyday whether we prepared our lunch in advance or we’re rushing to the closest fast food restaurant to grab a burger before lunch time is up. Habits are the way we decide to come home from work and watch Netflix to wind down instead of hitting the gym. And here’s the good news. Habits can be changed and when we change our habits we change our life. Here are 3 ways that your life will completely transform if you decide to take control of your habits!

1. You Will Begin To Realize Your Own Power

When we take control of our habits and we learn how to change the habits that no longer lead us to where we want to go, we begin to realize our own power. We begin to realize that we have always had more control over our lives than we had ever imagined. So often we live our lives and go through our day allowing things to happen that we may or may not like. We wake up and hope that the day will be a good one and hope that we have the motivation and energy to do all the things we want to do. This hoping and wishing keeps us in a place where we feel we have no control over the way our day unfolds, but when we realize that we are in control of our habits then we can start to shape our days in the exact way that we want! This is just another reminder that we are the creators of our life and we can design our life any way we want!

2. You Will Have More Time For Things You Love

When we make a habit out of the things that we know we should be doing, we spend less time fighting ourselves and our minds on whether or not we should do them and just start DOING instead. Here’s an example, exercise is something you know makes you feel good but how long have you spent contemplating whether or not you should go to the gym or just stay home in your cozy pajamas instead? On average we spend a few hours a day simply contemplating whether or not we should do something and that is precious time wasted in which we could actually be doing! When we make a habit out of things like our work schedule, eating healthy meals & exercise we find ourselves with more free time during the day that we can fill with other things that we love!

3. You Will Have More Energy Everyday

This one builds on the last point of having more time everyday. When we create a habit our of eating healthy meals and exercising daily and doing the things we know make us feel good, we find ourselves with more energy for other things! We find ourselves able to make better decisions in other areas of our life because we aren’t wasting precious energy deciding whether or not we should have that quinoa salad or the burger and fries. On top of saving yourself time on decision making, being productive in itself gives us more energy! Moving our body gives us more energy. Feeding our body the right foods give us more energy. So if you want more energy, start creating new habits!

When we change our habits, we change our life.

Now you know the importance and power of habits but actually changing our habits can be a little harder. Habit change is not easy but its also not impossible! It requires you to show up for yourself everyday. It requires you to train your mind and body to do things you may not want to do in the short term so that you can reach those long term goals and consciously create the life you truly want for yourself. But here’s the good news, once anything becomes a habit you are set for life.

Next weeks blog post will be all about how to actually change our habits! But your action step for this week is to get a head start and start transforming your habits today by downloading my free HABIT CHANGE WORKBOOK below!

    Sticking to your goals can feel like an uphill battle and often when we fall off track we think it’s because we are just lacking motivation. What if I told you that you don’t actually need motivation to stick to your goals and actually achieve them? We spend so much time waiting for motivation and we blame ourselves when it doesn’t come. We believe that motivation is something we need all day everyday and when we see someone who is seemingly very successful, we give them credit for being so motivated. But here’s a secret. Motivation is fleeting and it’s not something that is constantly around. Motivation is great and when its with us we feel unstoppable! But we shouldn’t wait everyday for motivation to come so we can take action because we’d be waiting forever! Here are 3 really simple ways to make sure that your goals become a reality even without motivation!

    Let’s get into it!

    Break Your Big Goals Down Into Small Habits

    First we need to break our bigger goals down into small bite sized habits! When we have a big goal it can seem really scary and even downright impossible to achieve. Say you want to lose 50 pounds. That may sound big and scary! But if we break that big goal down into small daily habits, all of a sudden our goal becomes a lot more achievable in our brains!

    Maybe a small habit for you would look like drinking 10 glasses of water a day and exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes per session! That it something that is highly achievable and you know that if you keep up that daily habit, you will eventually reach your big goal!

    Make Your Goal Measurable and Realistic

    Secondly, we want to make sure that the goals we set are both measurable and realistic for us! Heres an example. We can set a goal that we want to get fit but we never know when we have actually reached that goal! Because being fit looks different for everyone and there is no way we can accurately measure wether we have reached that goal or not. Heres an example of a measurable goal: “I want to be able to do 10 pushups in the next 30 days”. Now that is something that is both measurable and realistic! Once 30 days rolls around you can test yourself and if you have achieved your goal you can celebrate yourself!

    When we set goals that are not measurable then we never know when we have achieved them or not and that could lead to us falling off or getting uninspired! So let’s set measurable goals so we can celebrate ourselves when we achieve them!

    Know Why Your Doing It

    When we have a bigger why for doing something, its like adding extra emotion to our goal. Our bigger why is something we can refer to everyday. Our bigger why is usually attached to something bigger than ourselves. Our families, our careers, our dreams etc. Heres an example.”I want to get fit because I want to be able to run around with my grandkids after school” or “I want to gain more confidence so I can finally apply for that job or start that dream business”

    When we have a bigger why for doing something it becomes so much easier for us to show up for ourselves everyday because we have a bigger reason for doing it! So now it’s your turn to decide, why do you have the goals you have?

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    Write down your bigger goal and break it down into 3 daily habits that you can commit to for the next 4 weeks!

    You may have set some big goals this year, but how many times have you set a new big goal only to end up feeling defeated by it and falling right back into old behaviours. When we set goals that are really big without first breaking them down into smaller habits, we end up setting ourselves up to be overwhelmed. This year it’s going to be different. This year I want you to own your goals and create lasting change!

    If you incorporate these 5 simple habits into your everyday life, I can guarantee you will see powerful results and transformation in every area of your life! Let’s get into it.

    1. Drink Your Water

    This one goes without saying, water is important. Not only for our health but for our productivity and our energy. When we aren’t drinking enough water, its really easy for us to slip into eating extra food, feeling foggy and unfocused. When our bodies are lacking water, the brain begins to think we are hungry. So we reach for food and ask ourselves, why can I not stop eating today? Next time this happens, drink one big cup of water and wait 5 minutes. If your still hungry after that, then eat food! But most of the time, your body really just needed water! How much water should you be drinking a day? Adults should aim for anywhere between 10-15 cups a day. I know it sounds like a lot but that’s what it takes for our bodies to detoxify daily so we can feel our absolute best. Drink Up!

    2. Move Your Body For 20 Minutes Daily

    Our bodies are made to move. Moving everyday not only releases our happy hormones but it also gives us energy! I know its common to think that you’re too lazy to workout or to move your body everyday but here’s the thing..if you’re feeling lazy and want more energy, moving your body and working out is exactly what you should do! 20 minutes a day is something anyone can do, and if you cannot carve out 20 minutes a day, its time to re-prioritize your scedule! Time to get moving!

    3. Journal For 10 Minutes Daily

    Journaling is something not a lot of people do but it can change your life in big ways if you make it a daily practice. Did you know that just by writing down your goals, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them? So if you have a big goal that you’ve been working towards for months or years heres one simple thing you can do everyday to make it 42% more likely it will happen for you. Just write it down. Everyday. Write down your goal and why you want to achieve it, daily. Set a time that works best for you (mornings are great) so you can keep consistent with journaling for 10 minutes a day. If your new to journaling, try out this 5 Minute Journal that makes it really easy to journal every morning!

    4. Create a Morning Routine

    Mornings are the most important time of your entire day. How you spend your morning sets the path and tone for how the rest of your day goes. If you wake up dreading the day ahead, dragging yourself out of bed after the fifth snooze, your day isn’t going to go so great. But imagine if you jumped out of bed (see #5) every morning and had a routine to look forward to? Wether it’s reading, journaling, moving or meditating create a 20 minute routine that makes you feel good about your day ahead. A routine that allows you to connect with yourself before you go out and connect with the world. It can be hard to find time for yourself in the middle of the day so treat your morning routine like a sacred appointment with yourself that cannot be missed!

    5. 5 Second Jump Out of Bed Rule

    Do you ever find yourself not being able to drag yourself out of bed because the sheets are just so warm and its so cold outside and you just don’t want to get out? I’ve been there too! But since I started applying this new “5 Second Jump Out of Bed Rule” I’ve never pressed snooze, not even once. Here how it works. Set your alarm and mentally prepare yourself the night before to jump out of bed WITHIN 5 seconds of it going off. When we wait longer than 5 seconds, our brain goes into overdrive. Our brain starts to come up with all kinds of reasons why staying in bed is a good choice & ultimately pressing the snooze button doesn’t make you very excited for the day ahead! So if you want to learn how to get out of bed and into your day filled with energy, try this 5 second rule! You can find more on the 5 second rule from Mel Robbins!

    When you change your habits, you change your life

    There you have it, 5 simple habits that will change your life! Now I want to hear from you. Which one of these habits will you start first? Which one do you already do? Let me know in the comments below!

    If your ready to change your habits, make sure you download my free guide that shows you 3 simple steps to habit change so you can:


      You may have heard the term super-foods before but do you know what these foods actually are and why we call them super-foods? Are they really that super? YES! They certainly are! Super-foods get their name from the simple fact that these foods have the ability to drastically change our health and well-being if we make use of them daily!

      Ever since I started to get more into nutrition I realized that there are several ways we can actually heal our bodies from physical sickness, emotional sickness and change our mental state from negative to positive with foods! What we eat in any given day has such a huge impact on how well our days go and how we feel about ourselves throughout the day. When we eat the right foods and feel great, we find ourselves having a great day with lots of positivity, whereas when we start off the day with the wrong foods that don’t make us feel our best, we may find that our day is filled with negative experiences and we can also find ourselves body shaming ourselves because we don’t feel our best!

      So whats the solution? Eating the right foods! I’m going to share with you today 5 Super-foods that you can add into your diet today and what makes each of them so great!


      • Cacao is an amazing super-food and it could be used in many ways! (Note: cacao is different then cocoa) Cacao is like natures hot chocolate powder filled with antioxidants & other such nutrients! In fact is it so antioxidant rich that cacao is THE MOST nutritionally complex food on the planet (complex in a good way)! If your looking for a coffee replacement, many people use cacao as a replacement because of its quick mood elevating & depression decreasing benefits! Cacao also contains coumarin, which can help with weight loss among other things.


      • Salmon has amazing benefits all the way around because of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids it contains within it! Having salmon twice a week can prove to be very beneficial in your overall health and well being. It is an awesome food filled with high quality protein, vitamins and minerals galore! So why are Omega-3 Fatty Acids so great for us? Well they help us with our cardiovascular health and prevent heart related diseases! Isn’t that pretty important? I would hope so ! How can this food help you lose weight? Well considering that salmon is very high in protein, it will help you put on some lean muscle therefore making your weight loss efforts a lot easier! Of course you have to look at the rest of your diet for the day as well, but salmon can be a great addition, twice a week!


      • Yes! Who doesn’t love these things? Blueberries are also packed to the rim with antioxidants and many other vitamins and minerals. Another key feature of blueberries is their rich fiber content, making it a great food for digestion and gut health! Anytime you are trying to better your health, lose weight, or gain muscle you are going to benefit from increasing your fiber intake greatly everyday! Blueberries can definitely do that for you. I’ve even come across information that claims some nutritionists believe that if you make only one change to your diet, it should be to add blueberries. Wow, they must be pretty great eh? Worth a try!


      • Cinnamon is so versatile and one of the healthiest spices on the planet! With benefits to the heart, blood sugar levels, skin clearing cinnamon really does it all. I love to use cinnamon particularly in the fall and winter months because it has a great ability to prevent flu and colds while adding a great taste to your favorite hot beverages and winter (gluten free) baking! You can also add cinnamon to your drinks or food when you are missing a sweet factor. For example, I add cinnamon to my oatmeal rather then adding sugar and I find that I no longer crave the sugar in my oatmeal when I add in cinnamon instead! Try this out for yourself!

      5.Hemp Seeds

      • Hemp seeds contain so many GOOD FATS! Yes, the types of fats that we actually need to maintain great health and those that actually help us with weight loss/maintenance. Hemp seeds can help with weight loss and digestion because of their high fiber content when consumed with the shell on, high protein content (15g in 4 tablespoons) and its omega-3 fatty acid content! All these working together will lead to some pretty amazing benefits to your health. My favorite way to use hemp seeds is in my salads, I use them to top off my salads adding in a crunch factor while increasing the protein content of my salad. Hemp seeds also work great on top of your oatmeal or mixed into your smoothies or shakes!

      Add in these foods to your diet and see what difference they make on your health! I promise you, you will be happy you did! Comment below with your thoughts and let me know your experience with these super-foods.

      Share this post with a friend so you can spread the message about these amazing foods!

      Stay happy, healthy & fit!


      Nutrition has a funny way of controlling just about every aspect of your life! If you focus on proper nutrition you’ll find you have higher energy levels, feel happier and also feel like you can get more done during the day! This is due to many reasons and today I wanted to point out a few foods that increase productivity and certain foods that decrease it and why! Because who doesn’t want more energy throughout the day, who doesn’t want to feel happier and get more done every single day?!


      • Okay so this one might be obvious, but it can still be hard for some of us to make sure we are incorporating 4-5 servings of vegetables a day! Vegetables are so awesome for providing energy and helping us feel great throughout the day. Vegetables have so many micro-nutrients that contain so many of the vitamins and minerals our body needs to perform optimally. Things such as iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium and so much more! Generally speaking, the darker green the vegetable the better.


      • So is bread really as bad as they say it is? Well yes and no. The types of bread we choose are important. When your choosing a whole grain bread over refined grains your doing your body a favour! Whole grains have more nutrients and fiber then refined types of bread. In general, I wouldn’t aim to make bread part of my everyday diet but it is not that bad a food choice after all. There is also options such as gluten free bread and Ezekiel bread which is made of a sprouted grain and may be a better option if your gluten sensitive!


      • Sugary foods and drinks can be dangerous because they can feel really satisfying in the moment. The problem is that these foods provide a type of high for the first little bit after we consume them but they also provide an equally powerful low and never leave you feeling healthily full. Along with spiking your sugar levels causing an imbalance in your bloodstream, they can cause us to feel drained, experiencing a lack of energy and even cause headaches and other physical symptoms. All these things make us not want to continue working at all, so our productivity is seriously damaged by sugar! (Sugar in moderation is okay)


      • You may think your making a nutritious choice opting for a salad over a burger when you go out to grab your lunch for the day, but be aware that salads can pack in more calories and fats then a burger and fries in some cases! This is common among just about every fast food chain and restaurants that you may think are healthy! Its a good idea to check the nutritional labels and see what the salad you are buying actually contains. Most often the sauce/dressing used is the culprit and you want to avoid these types of salads. Salads can be great but I would suggest packing your own so you know exactly what ingredients you have put in and how much dressing you are using! Again, salads can provide great energy because of the high fiber content and not leave you overly full! Great for productivity!


      Comment below with your thoughts and let me know what you’d like to know more about in the next blog post!