When it comes to cardio, often times you don’t quite know what to do and how much of that unknown to do! Cardio is easy but it can be used ineffectively in many ways; here are some do’s and don’ts to make your cardio game better!


1. Do change up your cardio routine after every few weeks. You want to consistently be pushing your body so if your following the exact same cardio routine for a prolonged period of time, your body will no longer find your routine difficult and so it will no longer react in the way that you would like. So change it up!

2. Do incorporate high intensity cardio training sessions. Its nice to do some light steady state cardio a few days of the week but always remember to incorporate a few days of high intensity cardio that actually gets you sweating!


1. Do not over do your cardio! Its often thought that doing more cardio will result in more fat loss and this is why some will over do their cardio! This concept is not necessarily true, more cardio will not equal more fat loss. Fat loss takes into account many other factors such as diet, muscle tone etc. So what you really want to be doing is gaining lean muscle while doing just enough cardio to get you to your goal!

2. Do not give up cardio all together when trying to gain weight. Cardio should be an essential in your workout routine no matter your goals. Though the time spent doing cardio will change depending on your goal, you are never harming yourself with 15-20 minutes of cardio daily.

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