Nutrition has a funny way of controlling just about every aspect of your life! If you focus on proper nutrition you’ll find you have higher energy levels, feel happier and also feel like you can get more done during the day! This is due to many reasons and today I wanted to point out a few foods that increase productivity and certain foods that decrease it and why! Because who doesn’t want more energy throughout the day, who doesn’t want to feel happier and get more done every single day?!


  • Okay so this one might be obvious, but it can still be hard for some of us to make sure we are incorporating 4-5 servings of vegetables a day! Vegetables are so awesome for providing energy and helping us feel great throughout the day. Vegetables have so many micro-nutrients that contain so many of the vitamins and minerals our body needs to perform optimally. Things such as iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium and so much more! Generally speaking, the darker green the vegetable the better.


  • So is bread really as bad as they say it is? Well yes and no. The types of bread we choose are important. When your choosing a whole grain bread over refined grains your doing your body a favour! Whole grains have more nutrients and fiber then refined types of bread. In general, I wouldn’t aim to make bread part of my everyday diet but it is not that bad a food choice after all. There is also options such as gluten free bread and Ezekiel bread which is made of a sprouted grain and may be a better option if your gluten sensitive!


  • Sugary foods and drinks can be dangerous because they can feel really satisfying in the moment. The problem is that these foods provide a type of high for the first little bit after we consume them but they also provide an equally powerful low and never leave you feeling healthily full. Along with spiking your sugar levels causing an imbalance in your bloodstream, they can cause us to feel drained, experiencing a lack of energy and even cause headaches and other physical symptoms. All these things make us not want to continue working at all, so our productivity is seriously damaged by sugar! (Sugar in moderation is okay)


  • You may think your making a nutritious choice opting for a salad over a burger when you go out to grab your lunch for the day, but be aware that salads can pack in more calories and fats then a burger and fries in some cases! This is common among just about every fast food chain and restaurants that you may think are healthy! Its a good idea to check the nutritional labels and see what the salad you are buying actually contains. Most often the sauce/dressing used is the culprit and you want to avoid these types of salads. Salads can be great but I would suggest packing your own so you know exactly what ingredients you have put in and how much dressing you are using! Again, salads can provide great energy because of the high fiber content and not leave you overly full! Great for productivity!


Comment below with your thoughts and let me know what you’d like to know more about in the next blog post!


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