Most commonly, people don’t start on their fitness journeys or maintain their fitness because of a few excuses that hold them back, these are excuses that are blocking us from our flow and blocking us from doing the things we need to do! Take a minute and see if you are using one of these excuses and learn how to work towards shifting your mindset around these excuses so you can become who you want to be!

1.I don’t have enough time:

  • Okay this is the one thing I have heard most from my years in the fitness industry! The way to work past this excuse is to realize that if it was a priority to you, time would not be an issue. Here’s an exercise; next time you say or think you don’t have time, try saying “it’s not a priority” instead and see how that shifts your thought process towards getting in exercise throughout the day and preparing healthy meals. It should be a priority and you deserve to make it a priority!

2.I love food too much

  • When you find yourself thinking “I love food too much to eat healthier” your actually blocking yourself from trying or succeeding already! Believe it or not those who eat healthy and eat for their goals absolutely LOVE food too and are complete foodies when they get the chance to be. Though this never lasts because once you start eating in a way that makes you feel good from the inside out you start to want to make the right choices because you know they will make you feel your best! Plus its possible to reach all your goals while still having the food you love, I can teach you how! (Feel free to message me!

3.I tried and I can’t

  • When trying to manifest anything into your life, whether it’s a goal weight, a goal body, a personal goal, a mental goal, always use positive language. When we say things like a tried and I can’t we again block ourselves from achieving what it is we set out to do. Instead of using words like I tried and I can’t, use the words I am working towards it and I can. Even if you are not yet at your end goal, using these types of uplifting words will provide you with an energy and confidence boost that you need to reach all your goals!

4.I cant stay motivated

  • Motivation is something I used to rely on when I first started out in my fitness journey. Though I soon discovered that motivation really is not something to be relying on or waiting for. See motivation comes and goes and its somewhat beyond our control! When we do things purely through motivation we are constantly in and out of flow making it hard to stay consistent with anything. We should work more towards doing what we need to do because it aligns with our greater mission, even when the feeling of motivation has passed. Keeping our greater mission in mind is the key to continuing to work towards your goals without “motivation”

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks on how to work through your excuses when it comes to incorporating fitness and health into your daily life!

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