By living your life by design, I mean just that. Design everything around you, design what your going to do today, design what your going to wear, design how your going to feel, design every little bit of YOUR life! It’s easy to forget sometimes that we really are in charge of our own lives and what our future holds, but remembering this fact and implementing it into your everyday life will change your world! We were not all created to follow the same life plan, realize your passions and your interests and follow them because they are there for a reason! Here are some helpful points to remember everyday:

1. Never blame circumstances

2. Do not settle for anything less than you know you deserve

3. Take small steps everyday that will lead to your bigger picture

4. Surround yourself with only likeminded individuals

5. Know the direction you want to take your life

6. Ignore your own inner critic

7. Get comfortable with change

8 Only make time for things that bring you peace and happiness

Until next time friends!

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