Abs ARE made in the kitchen my friend! Meal prep really is essential if your living a busy life and are trying to reach your fitness goals at the same time! When you have all your meals prepped, you will never have en excuse as to why you cannot eat a healthy meal over fast food! Why would you waste food that is already prepped?! You won’t! So here are some tips on meal prepping.

1. Meal Prepping is SO Simple.

People often don’t realize how simple meal prepping really is. The food you should be prepping should not require 20+ ingredients because the meals you should be prepping should be relatively “clean” meaning plain! This may not compare to burger and fries but that’s what meal prep is about.

2. Start to Look at Food as Fuel

Once you start looking at food as fuel for your body, instead of something you put into your body as purely a form of enjoyment you will realize that your meals do not need to be extravagant. You are simply eating for your goals and giving your body foods that will actually nourish it in a way that will give YOU more energy!

3. Set a Time to Meal Prep

Setting a time to meal prep every day is a good habit to start getting into when you first start to meal prep. Once you meal prep for long enough, it becomes so easy that it only takes about 30 minutes a day! Also when you commit yourself to meal prepping for a long enough period of time, you will feel guilty when you don’t and you yourself will want to get back on the meal prep wagon!

4. Have Snacks Prepped

Its easy to forget to prep snacks along with our 3 bigger meals. This is where it becomes easy to fall off because you may be getting in your healthy meal prepped meals, but if your snacking on junk food in between then your are working against yourself. So make sure to pack along a few healthy snacks for the times in between your meals. Some snack ideas are fruit, nuts, rice cakes, bars, veggies, get creative!

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