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Making your oatmeal taste delicious isn’t just a possibility, its a necessity. I once believed oatmeal was a bland food that could never be turned into something that actually tastes half decent, but turns out I was wrong. Oatmeals actually turned out to be one of my favourite foods for breakfast (and sometimes even dinner)! Theres so many ways you can transform your oatmeal game and actually get excited about it every morning and today I’m sharing how you can make this super nutritious food into something delicious that you’ll actually love!

1. Cook With Milk Instead of Water

This one itself is a game changer. Have you ever cooked up some oatmeal and it comes out tasting like oatmeal flavoured water? Well this tip will change that! When you cook your oatmeal with milk instead of water, it comes out creamier, richer and with way more flavour! My favourite type of milk to use is almond milk but any milk works well! Almond milk doesn’t just taste good, it also packs in a lot of vitamins and minerals we need daily like calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D!

2. Add Spices and Fruit

Spices not only give so much extra flavour but they also make your oatmeal so much more nutritious then it already is! Leaving your body feeling even more energized and nourished. Every different spice has different benefits. One of my favourite and must add spices to oatmeal is cinnamon! Cinnamon makes your oatmeal naturally sweeter and it also magically helps your body lower its own blood sugar levels! When it comes to fruits, berries are my go-to. They leave you feeling nourished, add the perfect amount of sweetness and are packed full with antioxidants (antioxidants are a substance that protect our cells from free radicals in our body which may lead to disease). I love a combination of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries!

3. Add Nut Butter & Seeds

The last thing you definitely don’t want to miss out on is adding a nut butter or some sort of seeds! This is going to complete your oatmeal because the nuts and seeds will add that additional healthy fat that your body needs to feel full, nourished and energized! This is a common step a lot of people forget about. We’ve been taught to believe that fat is bad and we should always aim for low fat foods, but healthy fats are not only incredibly delicious but they’re also super important for our bodies overall health and energy levels daily! Healthy fats protect our organs and literally keep our bodies warm among many other things. Some of my favourite seeds to add are hemp seeds and chia seeds. Some of my favourite nut butters to add are all natural peanut butter or almond butter. Most recently, I made my own version of healthy Nutella and I’ve been using it in my oatmeal and its beyond delicious! I found it here on the Pick Up Limes website!

There it is! These 3 simple things will totally transform the way you see oatmeal and now you have a quick and easy go to delicious breakfast that’s going to energize you daily!

Ever been in that situation where you decide your going to eat healthy and you get to the kitchen and your just paralyzed with all the lack of options (or too many options) that you don’t know what to do, so you just get frustrated and decide to have tacos from your favourite taco place instead? Yeah, your not alone! Sometimes the struggle is REAL! But eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Next time you find yourself in this situation, use these 3 easy strategies to help you make healthy eating simple!

Re-create Your Favourite Foods With Healthier Alternatives

We all have foods that we just don’t want to give up and a lot of times, we dread eating healthy because we think that it means we have to eat boring foods all day that taste like grass. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do not have to give up your favourite foods! In fact, you can keep them all. There are countless ways that you can have your favourite foods just by replacing a few key ingredients with healthier alternatives. Heres a few examples of key ingredients you may use in your favourite recipes that can be replaced with healthier alternatives. White flour can be replaced with almond flour. White sugar can be replaced with coconut sugar. Butter can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Milk chocolate can be replaced with dark chocolate. Ice cream can be replaced with frozen yogurt.

At first, this may seem difficult. But you will soon realize how incredibly easy it is to find replacements for your favourite foods that feel good for both your body and your mind! When you start making new healthier choices, your taste buds begin to change. It becomes easier for you to make healthier choices the second you start. Each time you choose a healthier alternative, your body and mind begin to transform and each decision after that becomes easier! So start today. Think of one of your favourite foods and see which ingredients you can replace to re-create it in a healthier way & enjoy!

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Repeat Your Favourite Meals Throughout The Week

When it comes to healthy eating, we don’t need to get too fancy and re-invent the wheel with every meal. We can simply find a few staple meals that we really enjoy and repeat those meals throughout the week for those times when we just can’t think of anything else! Repeating your favourite meals is great because it creates a routine and eliminates the process of having to find something new to make! Repeating meals makes it a lot easier for us to make the decision to eat healthy. Why? Because our brains get tired of making decisions all day. We are constantly in decision making mode from the second we wake up to the second we go to bed. What clothes should I wear today? What time should I get out of bed? What should I eat for breakfast? Where should I go for lunch? Too many decisions exhaust us mentally and knowing what you’ll have for your next meal (as small as it may seem) can be comforting and save us a lot of unnecessary decision making throughout the day! This leaves us feeling more energized and empowered.

So think about it now. What are 2-3 meals that you absolutely love, that are both healthy and delicious? Use those 2-3 meals as staples throughout your week. You don’t need to have them everyday, but use them on those days where you just don’t want to think of something new and you just want an easy healthy meal fast!

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Make Cooking More Fun And Enjoyable

This one will change the way you eat, forever. If we associate cooking with fun in our minds, we’ll find ourselves excited about it everyday! When you make the process of cooking up a healthy meal fun and enjoyable you’ll start to get excited about finding new recipes to try, new foods to taste and new foods to experiment with! This completely eliminates the stress and pressure we often feel about healthy eating. Why? Because we no longer feel like we are being pushed or forced to eat healthy just for the sake of saying we ate healthy. Instead, eating healthy is something we look forward to because we know that its actually fun and enjoyable to do it!

There’s so many ways you can make cooking more fun and enjoyable and here’s just a few things you can try. (1) Turn up the music. When your cooking try playing your favourite music and make it a party! Playing our favourite music while cooking is such an awesome way to get ourselves actually excited to get in the kitchen! (2) Change your mindset around cooking. Sometimes just the thought of cooking can be a turn off and make us feel like its just another thing we have to do, but if we change the way we look at cooking and see it as a time for us to have fun and enjoy ourselves then we can begin to actually love it and even look forward to it daily! (3) Get creative and be imperfect. Sometimes we can stop ourselves before even starting. We create labels for ourselves saying “I’m just not a good cook” or “I could never make that”. When cooking, don’t be afraid to be a beginner and try new things! It’s not supposed to be perfect so just let it be!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Remember, change isn’t always easy but its always possible! If you decide today, you can create a whole new way of living, eating, moving and being and its all possible for you! You can make the decision today to feel good in your body, to transform your habits and create a new way of living.

Now I want to hear from you, leave a comment below or send me a message telling me what changes you would like to make starting today!