Often times you start on a fitness journey to lose some weight for a special event, to feel better in general, boost confidence etc. You go strong for one week, two weeks maybe even a month! After this, you lose motivation and the discipline to keep on going, this happens for one of 2 reasons. You either stop seeing progress (because you have hit a plateau) thus causing you to lose the motivation to keep going or you simply just don’t have or get bored with your current gym routine! The most important step in starting your fitness journey and never losing sight of a goal is to have a specific plan to follow! Walking in to the gym should be like anything else in life that you plan, you want to know exactly what to do and when! By having a proper program to follow you can eliminate guess work and reach your goals while staying motivated! Psychologically, if you have a written plan of what you will do each time you step foot in to a gym, you are more likely not to leave that gym without completing everything on the workout planned for you!

So, make sure that you prevent yourself from hitting plateaus or getting bored with your workouts by planning ahead! Write down your goals and tell someone about them, this way you will stay inclined to reach them and have someone to hold you accountable!

Happy lifting!


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