Who doesn’t love pancakes?! This is definitley the perfect breakfast for me! The perfect breakfast should always have a combination of carbs, fats and of course lots of protein. Its important to add in healthy fats to most of all meals as healthy fats actually contribute to maintenance of good health and aid in weight loss/building a healthy metabolism. The carbs are needed for energy as that is your bodies first and go to source of energy! If your trying to lose weight or get lean, high protein intake is a must! Protein helps in building lean muscle which in turn causes you to burn more calories. The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns all day and all night!

Eat up!!


1 cup of egg whites

1/3 cup of oats (adjustable)

1 banana (or fruit of choice)

All natural peanut butter

E.D Smith no sugar added maple syrup


1. Add egg whites, oats, and fruit to a magic bullet/blender and blend.

2. Cook the batter like pancake on medium heat

3. Top with 1tbs of natural peanut and no sugar added maple syrup

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