There is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of carbs and weight loss to those new to fitness. This post is going to clear up the confusion and get you ready for success!! Firstly, no matter what your main goal is whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance carbs are ESSENTIAL! What differs depending on your goals, is how much carbs you have in any given day. Following a very low carb diet may give you quick results in weight loss, but it will never allow you to build the muscle you need to be building and further more it is likely that after you get off your low carb diet and reintroduce carbs, your body will not know how to respond which will lead to fast weight gain! SO, lets all take a moment and appreciate these beautiful things called carbs and use them wisely! Your main source of carbs should come from whole foods such as rice, quinoa, yams etc. Carbs will also give you the energy you need to excel at the gym and during your workouts thus increasing your results!

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about carb intake!

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